Do you want to learn how to balance your artistic process and your business, maintain an inspired spirit, and develop steady growth in your career?
We want to help you navigate your passion and achieve abundant prosperity!

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Your Passion. Our Purpose.

Mind Map was designed to support artists as they navigate the challenging journey of entrepreneurship in the modern music industry.


Are you UNABLE to find the time, money, and connections to be successful?

NO! You have the ABILITY to become more efficient, make your art invaluable, and attract better opportunities.



Join the tribe and develop your Creative Prosperity Plan!


 The Creative’s Prosperity Plan will help you:


– Maintain a focused mindset

– Master self accountability

– Develop a story that will attract an audience

– Learn how to manage your business without sacrificing your art

– Find better opportunities

– Maintain an inspired spirit

– Overcome Procrastination

– Achieve creative and financial prosperity

-And Much much more…


The program offers a combination of powerful video presentations, supported by in-depth worksheets that will help you master the principles of creative prosperity.


“This sounds like a lot of work, and I don’t have the time!”


This program is not “work.”  Your side hustle is WORK.

This is career conditioning that is designed to help you make a living doing what you love.


If you can dedicate just 30 MINUTES each week to develop your career through the program,

you will be well on your way to transforming your career!


Our easy to use member account offers:

  • 25 powerful episodes
  • 21 detailed worksheets
  • Prosperity Plan Calendar
  • Program Checklist
  • The support of peers in the Mind Map Tribe


“Is this just another motivational video series?

I can watch Tony Robbins for free on Youtube”


This IS NOT a motivation program.


We hope you are already motivated. If you are not, you should probably stop reading now.


 This is an implementation program!

Our program provides a clear process to learn, take action and attract results.


 We are a team comprised of a successful record producer and a revolutionary, implementational business consultant.


We saw artists struggling to balance their art with their business. So we combined our experiences in producing timeless art and maximizing revenue for struggling businesses and built a program designed for the artist.


Companies have paid more than $50,000 for this type of training from our team.

We are offering it to you with packages starting at $99.


Do you want to become more efficient, more inspired and grow your career?

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You are the majority AND the minority!

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