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Creatives Prosperity Plan

The Foundation

Are you ready to take the first step in developing the mental foundation that will help you navigate your unique journey to prosperity through following your passion? This course will help you blaze your own trail to creative prosperity.

You will be guided through defining your purpose, developing the foundation of your brand, and constructing a blueprint for your journey. Our detailed worksheets will help you navigate your growth and embrace consistent action. It’s time to find your tribe and take the first step to reach the next level of your career!

The Mental Game

What is keeping you from reaching fulfillment and success in your creative endeavors? Is it money, time, connections, willpower? This course is designed to help you define your personal roadblocks and destroy them.

You will learn how to remove willpower from the equation, fuel your action through inspired thought, and make results a formality. We will guide you through developing your own, unique plan, starting with 5 minutes per day with consistent action for you to maintain an inspired spirit and accelerate your career!