Your Tribe Leaders

We intend to make every career a passionate journey so people don't have to work a day in their life.

Ricky Mendez

Mind Map Co-founder

Ricky believes in daily implementation that increases quality of life and business. Through following this principle, he directed over a half billion dollars in revenue as head of sales for a leading energy company. In light of that success, Ricky was asked to speak at a wellness event. After the event, an attendee reached out and thanked him for how his implementation strategies dramatically changed her life and family relationships. Led by this mind-changing moment, Ricky decided to leave his high ranking position as COO to start his own company. He is now addicted to empowering others to empower others. Through his trainings he has built and re-built successful and profitable businesses using what he calls “the foundation of success”. Ricky invites people to change the way they think through mental conditioning and intentional action. He helps people embark on the miraculous journey of self-development, awareness, and excellence. Ricky has helped businesses and individuals all over the globe rise above procrastination and create more prosperity. Implement! And you can create the life you desire.

Sean Giovanni

Mind Map Co-Founder

Sean Giovanni is an award winning record producer, studio owner, and educator. Sean’s mission is to help others create art that will outlast themselves and in doing so, make a living through their following their passion. He believes in the power of mentorship and has guided countless songwriters, artists, and creative professionals through the development of their careers. Sean believes he will never have to “work” another day in his life and is dedicated to helping others experience that same fulfillment.